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Capturing time, love, and moments that will last a lifetime.

For those who want to freeze time.

As a parent we envy time. It’s like it steals our babies away. From someone who was once so tiny and fragile that you can protect in your arms to a grown human taking on the world.

But you can stay in these moments as they are right now, breathe them in and capture every delicate detail from their tiny hands to their little toes.

We always talk about wanting to freeze time and in a way we what are you waiting for? Let's freeze time so the current version of you and your loved ones stay exactly as they are, giving you something you can physically hold onto forever even when time takes it away.

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Photo of a baby girl frozen in laughter. Family photography in Hesperia Ca. by Ashley Ann Imagery

I know being a parent is hard but it has its moments.. imagine a perfect day, Who's there? Where are you? What do you see?