Recommended Vendors

Not only can outfits make a huge difference in how your photos come out but your hair, makeup, and nails also have a huge impact as well. An extra makeup look can create a more flawless look in camera and a professional can help achieve that! We want to make sure you look and feel your best!!

Hair stylist and makeup artist located in Victorville.

If you would like to get a hair styling and/or get your makeup professionally done, I highly recommend Rosa!

You can either go to her or have her come to you! This amazing women is the sweetest and you can just tell she loves what she does! Her presence and the way she explains everything she's doing makes you fully trust her! She communicates very well and creates a very calming atmosphere.

Rosa is a wife, a momma of two kids, and an entrepreneur who created a little salon in her own home! She also homeschools her kids and loves to cook! You can find her posting some food, motherhood, garden, and clean living videos on her personal account HERE.

Get in touch with Rosa through her Instagram (simply click the picture above) or text her at (909) 575-9401

Waxing technician located in Hesperia.

If you're someone who likes to get their legs waxed or anything else for that matter, Veronica is your girl! She not only does waxing but also does facials, lip fillers, body sculpting and more! And I mean whats the best way to get super smooth legs other than waxing!? Let's show off them sexy legs girl!! ha

Veronica is a wife, a momma of 5 amazing kids (i'm a lucky girl who got to meet and photograph them all!), also an entrepreneur who is home based, and currently going to nursing school. (yes she's a bad a** ha) She is also super sweet, has such a soothing and calming presence about her and is definitely someone you'll be in good hands with! (I adore her so so much!!)

Get in touch with Veronica through her instagram (simply click the picture above) or text her at (909) 734-7047

Makeup artist located in Orange County

If you are located in Orange County or the Inland Empire and are looking for a makeup artist. Look no further! Ruby is one amazing artist and such an amazing person in general! I look up to this women and admire everything she does! I admire how she presents herself in such a raw form that makes you connect/relate with her on a different level. You can also go to her or she can come to you! (depending on location)

Ruby is a wife, a mother of a little girl, a school teacher, and also an amazing makeup artist who sells the exact same makeup she will use on you! She also provides lots of videos on great ways of how to use the makeup and shows you how to accomplish specific looks you might be going for.

Get in touch with Ruby through her Instagram (simply click here to be sent to her page)

Nail tech located in Hesperia

We got makeup, hair styling, and waxing down, but we can not forget about those nails! They have to be looking cute as well and what better way to do that than go get them professionally done?

Lisa is a talented licensed nail tech with more than 7 years of experience that will make your vision come to life! Lisa offers acrylic nails, hard gel, gel-x, dip, specialized pedicures and also natural manicures that consist of non-toxic and chemical free nail polish.

Lisa is someone I have recently acquainted with who seems super sweet! Her work is beautiful and although I haven't used her services before, the feel I get looking through her instagram posts is nothing but high quality professionalism and just seems like someone you would be in good hands with.

Get in touch with Lisa through her Instagram (simply click here to go to her page)

or text her at (760-261-3875) a direct text link to her number can also be found on her instagram.