Hey! I'm Ashley..

First, I'm a wife to an amazing hubby (Anthony) who goes to almost every photoshoot with me where you can find him helping me out or taking behind the scene photos/ videos.

I'm also a mom to a wild four year old girl who we call monkey (monks for short) or baby but she prefers to be called Leia cause to her she's not a baby! My fournager.. time passes by way too fast and yes I hate it ha

I LOVE ice cream, fast food, trips/long drives with my family, puzzles, anything crafty, and curling up on the couch with the hubby watching movies, playing board games, or putting together a new cool lego set! We love horror films and anything that has to do with marvel, well.. when marvel was good that is ha, and we LOVE our little family. 

Second, I’m a friend. I can go on for days about how gorgeous you look, how adorable your kids are, and spread love and kindness the best way I can. Im also a little shy but once I get behind a camera its like I’m a whole new person telling people what to do. Even though my husband might say I’m always that way haha.. jk. 

I do have a sarcastic sense of humor and I’m all about having fun and of course encourage lots of laughter! 

But most of all, all I care about is what’s best for you! If we’re not a right fit I’ll try to help you find someone who might be. Although, I do hope I can be the one to freeze time for you in the most beautiful way I know how.

Photo of Victorville Ca Family photographer Ashley Ann Imagery

My family..

Being a mom and a wife isn't easy. It comes with challenges, messes, and mistakes. Taking on a new life where the old you seems misplaced but with these two that old me gets replaced with a better version of myself whose world would get flipped upside down without them in it. I cherish time with them like its a need for oxygen, I need to document everything and capture almost every moment cause they just seem to slip away in a blink of an eye. 

Memories tend to fade and get fuzzy over time. Soon what once was so special one day is gone the next. My newborn baby who I got to snuggle any chance I got turned into rare snuggles that I cherish every time one comes about. One day she will be on her own, no more screaming my name to be helped with something or to be held when she gets hurt.

So photos are everything to me! 

I can look back on them and hear her laughter on that swing, her sass and attitude as I pulled her in for that kiss, that little hand wrapped around my finger that one day will be as big as mine. 

I am glad to have every single shot and I just love how I can freeze time for those who want the same. Meet my family, and hopefully one day I can meet yours. 

My passion..

My passion for photos began when I was young, in Hesperia where I was raised ever since I was one. (hey that rhymed ha) I remember my first purple film camera that I used to take photos of the animals or my mom’s daycare kids who I made pose by the swing set or every where else for that matter ha. 

But I truly fell in love with photography my senior year of high school when I took my first photography class. (2011) I learned how to use a camera, how to manipulate light to create a photo though it and fell in love. 

Since then on it was my dream to become a photographer. I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to photograph let it be kids, couples etc.. all I knew is that I was going to open my own business one day and strived for it. I practiced on the kids I babysat and took all the photography classes in college to learn even more and one day three years ago in the year 2020 I finally took the plunge and here I am... 

Married to my high school sweet heart with a crazy four year old, out here living my dream as a photographer in the high desert.

I think finally becoming a mom made me realize what I wanted to photograph. To photograph moms and their babies (including their lover if they had one ha). I found a love in photographing families, the chaos, the love, and everything in between!

I Just love being able to freeze time for those who value photos as much as I do. It's amazing that what ever is happening in life right NOW could be frozen in time and cherished for a lifetime. Before these moments just become a core memory and eventually get fuzzy overtime. They could be right there physically in front of you, and I just love being able to create that for who ever will let me.

Remember what life is like right now! Let us freeze time so cherished moments can last a lifetime.

I'd love to meet you!

All I want is what's best for you, so I don't

always take every session we're asked to shoot.

I want to make sure that we're right for you!

Tell me all your visions and what you would like to capture.

I can't wait to hear from you!

Fill out the contact form below and we'll talk soon!

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Photo of a toddler frozen in laughter. Taken by Ashley Ann Imagery. Photography in Hesperia Ca

I know being a parent is hard but it has its moments.. imagine a perfect day, Who's there? Where are you? What do you see?