This Valyermo location has got to be my all time favorite place to shoot at. Those gorgeous trees and that lighting! I just LOVE it!! and this is actually one of my favorite photoshoots and not because they are family but I just love how these images came out. It's funny because this photoshoot did not go as planned at all. Poor Andrea's (Momma) dress had a huge malfunction. The back zipper broke and we tried so hard to fix it but it was just done for ha I offered to throw my white blanket over her so she could still be in the photos but she insisted that I just carry on with the photoshoot without her and make it a mini and me (just a dad and his little girls) photoshoot because she just didn't feel comfortable with her outfit situation. Which was fine but I had to throw her in some! and I am so glad that I did because they become her Favorites.

With Family photoshoots I normally start off with some posing until the kids have warmed up a little bit cause I like when they're all clingy to mom and dad. Sometimes it makes some good photos and then we start off with some prompts/play. But these girls weren't having it with the posing (we managed to get one good one in) but Audrey started hiding behind dad and crying so we switched it up and I had them explore instead. Walk on the tree stump, play with the sticks, walk with dad, etc. I always say the kids will run the show! ha I will never force anything if they're not comfortable and don't mind switching gears. 😊 The whole point of a family photoshoot is to capture images that will best reflect your family so if you're going into a photoshoot stressing over the perfect photos.. don't. As I always say just relax, breathe in your loved ones, and i'll take care of the rest! Because most of the time it will not go the way you plan it. Yes, there can be super smooth photoshoots but this wasn't one of them and to be honest the ones that are kind of crazy are my absolute favorite!! ha

So in the beginning only little Elena was completely fine with taking photos so I just started snapping away until Audrey become more relaxed and comfortable around the camera. The ones with her and her dad laughing and the way she looks at him just melts my heart!! literally my all time favorite photo!! ha (the black and white one).

P.S in the second photo above I was trying to get just mom and dad because I have to do that for every family session. I just have to! and I was trying so hard to get Audrey to move out of the way but her response just made me crack up and it just made me love the photo even more ha. she said "no i don't want to see" haha her face says it all and I think what makes it even more funny is because I had taken photos of them back in the day when they were just a little family of three (little Elena wasn't born yet) and I got a kind of similar photo of her making a gag face as mom and dad were kissing in the back haha. I wish I had the photo on hand so I can add it but I would have to go searching for it ha. 

But man I wish more clients would choose this place!!