This gorgeous couple, Rosa and Noel were such a joy to photograph. So patient and so sweet! They were pretty much down to do anything and trusted my vision. And that spark between them! Tell me you can see it! ha

but I just LOVED capturing their love! You can just tell how much Noel admires his women and how much passion they have for one another.

On another note, this gorgeous lady is actually the last of the four amazing sisters that I have had the honors of freezing time for. These are hands down some of the most amazing and sweet women I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

It's so funny cause Rosa actually sounds almost identical to one of her sisters who's name is Veronica. I even mentioned it and she said she gets that all the time and even used to pretend to talk to people on the phone as if she was Veronica (for example Veronicas boyfriend/now husband) 😆. I thought that was so funny and I would definitely have done the same thing haha. I even accidentally without any thought called her Veronica once at the beginning of the shoot. I didn't even realize that I did it ha. But I photograph Veronica and her gorgeous family every year, going on almost 3 years now so it was a simple mistake! ha Sorry Rosa! 😣

But, speaking of Rosa! She's not only super gorgeous, sweet, and inspirational, but is an amazing mom of two adorable children who she is actually homeschooling at the moment and also is a hairstylist and a makeup artist! Feel free to go check out this goddess by clicking the link/picture down below :)

This is actually one of the shoots my mom has joined me on. My husband is usually the one who accompanies me on my shoots to help me out, take behind the scenes content and sometimes (when he's feeling confident) practicing for that second shooter spot. Although, since a recent job change of his (he's been working so much!) he hasn't been able to join me on a lot of my shoots this year :( So, my amazing sweet momma has been helping me out! Which includes an extra hype women who tells you how freaking gorgeous you are! and laughs at my stupid jokes if no one else does ha but any way she also brought along one of my nieces that day who was so determined to help and had to cary EVERYTHING. ha I had to capture a photo of her with her bag hanging off her arm and her kicking it out of the way as she's walking to the car ha and yes I gave her some money for being so amazing ha.

but enough talk and lets just admire this beautiful couple ...